Pakistan Army’s strict attitude stirs up Imran Khan’s PTI, leaders leaving the party fearing trial

Pakistan Army’s strict attitude stirs up Imran Khan’s PTI, leaders leaving the party fearing trial

PTI Chief Imran Khan: After the arrest of Pakistan’s former PM and PTI chief Imran Khan on May 9, there was fierce violence in the country. Imran’s supporters vandalized and attacked military institutions. After about a week of the incident, now the Pakistani army has adopted a strict attitude against the people involved in it.

The top leadership of the Pakistan Army has decided to take stern action against those responsible for the attacks on military establishments. The National Security Committee has decided that miscreants who sabotage military installations will be prosecuted under ‘Pakistan Army Act’ and ‘Official Secret Act’.

Stir in PTI party
After this action of Pakistan Army, there is a stir in Imran Khan’s party Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI). PTI leaders are leaving the party. After the violence on Tuesday (May 9), PTI’s Karachi MP Mahmood Maulvi has also announced his resignation from the party and MP on Tuesday (May 16).

In a press conference, Mahmood said that the day of May 9 would be known as ‘Black Day’ in the history of Pakistan. Whatever happened that day is very condemnable. I can never go against Pakistani army. I cannot support the anti-military campaign of the party. The cleric asked, ‘What message do you want to give by targeting the martyr’s memorials?’

Pak analyst tweeted
A Pakistani analyst named Najam Ali tweeted on this matter. He wrote, “It is the fear and consequences of prosecution under the Army Act that is causing visible discontent within the PTI. They do not bother about normal courts. It is not time for PTI leaders to forcefully condemn these attacks.” It will be impossible to do so, otherwise his political survival will be at stake. Let us see how IK (Imran Khan) deals with such dissenting voices? Or will he also succumb to pressure and condemn these attacks outright? “

There can be severe punishment in the army act
On May 9, there was also an attack on the General Headquarters in Rawalpindi. Simultaneously, the Corps Commander’s House in Lahore was set on fire. There is an atmosphere of fear among the supporters of Imran due to the matter of trial under the Pakistan Army Act. According to the Act, such charges can also be framed against those people, for which they can be punished with death or imprisonment for life.

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