Quad meeting to be held in Australia cancelled, why such a big decision had to be taken?

Quad meeting to be held in Australia cancelled, why such a big decision had to be taken?

QUAD Meet: Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese informed on Wednesday (May 17) that the meeting of the Quad members to be held on the 24th of this month would not be held. The reason behind this was said not to visit US President Joe Biden.

The leaders of Australia, the US, Japan and India were scheduled to meet in Sydney, Australia on May 24, with President Joe Biden scheduled to address the federal parliament a day earlier.

Tour canceled due to financial issues
US President Joe Biden will hold talks with the US Congress regarding extending the loan time to avoid default. Because of this your trip has been cancelled. Australian Prime Minister Albanese said that the leaders of the four countries have been trying to meet together on the sidelines of the G7 summit in Japan, in which Joe Biden will attend as a guest.

He told reporters on Wednesday that the decision not to hold the meeting of the Quad countries was taken overnight. There will be no meeting of the Quad leaders in Sydney next week.

Did not reduce the importance of the quad – Anthony Albanese
From the Indian side, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has to go to attend the meeting of the Quad group. However, even in the event of no meeting, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s planned visit to Sydney next week is likely to go ahead.

The Australian Prime Minister said that the cancellation of Joe Biden’s visit has not diminished the importance of the quad. He said that it is obvious that President Biden is giving priority to domestic issues, which is also necessary.

They have a role to play in resolving those issues. Australia’s opposition leader Peter Dutton said the cancellation of the presidential nomination was disappointing, but understandable.

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