Tamil Nadu Police claims – people died due to drinking methanol, not alcohol, 22 have lost their lives

Tamil Nadu Police claims – people died due to drinking methanol, not alcohol, 22 have lost their lives

Police On Tamil Nadu Hooch Tragedy: The Tamil Nadu Police said on Tuesday (May 16) that the incidents in Ikkiyarkuppam and Perunkaranai villages in the state were not due to consumption of spurious liquor, but due to the consumption of methanol. According to the police, illegal liquor makers had made this deadly mixture.

Director General of Police (DGP) CS Babu said in a release that various persons had received the organic chemical from a person in Puducherry. This light, volatile and inflammable substance is used for industrial purposes. methanol has the smell of alcohol

Some people stole and sold the chemical

According to the release, the police have taken effective measures to stop the manufacture of illicit liquor and have also taken effective steps to stop their supply due to which illicit liquor is not available. It has been said in it that some people started selling the chemical after stealing it from the industrial units, which led to the accident.

It has been said in the release that investigation is being done to find out from which industrial unit this methanol was stolen. Along with this, the nexus between the people involved in this activity is also being investigated. Spirit samples were seized from Ikkiyarkuppam village in Villupuram district and Puroonkaranai village in Chengalpettu district and sent for analysis and the report said it was methanol, not spurious liquor, that caused the deaths, the release said. .

Health Minister M Subramaniam said this

It has been told in it that two people selling spirit have been arrested and the investigation of the case is going on. Meanwhile, Health Minister M Subramaniam said that around 55 people are being treated in various hospitals in the two districts after consuming spurious liquor. He told the media in Chennai that an officer would be appointed to oversee the treatment of the victims.

So far 22 people have lost their lives

According to the information, so far 14 people have died from Villupuram and 8 from Chengalpettu district. A total of 22 people have lost their lives. Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Stalin has announced a compensation of Rs 10 lakh to the families of the deceased. At the same time, people undergoing treatment in the hospital will be given assistance of Rs 50,000. The case will be transferred to CBCID for further investigation.

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