This Pakistani held Afghanistan responsible for the situation in the country, said. These dogs…

This Pakistani held Afghanistan responsible for the situation in the country, said.  These dogs…

Pakistani Journalist Blames Afghanistan: The current situation of Pakistan is very bad. At present, there has been a ruckus in the country since the arrest of Imran Khan in Pakistan. There have been incidents of arson all around. On the situation in the country, Pakistani journalist Razi Nama has blamed the people of Afghanistan for the deteriorating situation inside the country.

Pakistani journalist Razi Nama said in a viral video that the big people of Pakistan have left Afghan dogs free on the people of the country. Till now only action is coming on this. Reaction is yet to come. The journalist said that the reaction has to come not from the police, but from the public.

call afghanistan a dog

Pakistani journalist Razi Nama has addressed the people of Afghanistan as dogs. He said that till when these big people of Pakistan will continue to eat the meat of others by taking Afghani dogs on rent. If this happens, there will be a reaction from the other side as well.

The kind of situation that has arisen in Pakistan in the recent past has shaken the whole country to the core. Pakistan has already become a victim of economic crisis and on top of that, the mutual rivalry between politicians has made the condition of the people of the country miserable.

Tension between Shehbaz Sharif and Imran Khan
There is an atmosphere of tension between the current Shahbaz Sharif government and former PM Imran Khan in Pakistan. Ever since Imran Khan was removed from the post of Prime Minister, many cases have been registered against him. Meanwhile, he was arrested by a team of Pak Rangers from the Islamabad High Court on May 9, after which widespread riots and protests started across the country.

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