What to do before sleeping in the night so that the mind remains calm and the pain also stays away

What to do before sleeping in the night so that the mind remains calm and the pain also stays away

Night Mantra for Better Sleep: Human brain always keeps on working, that means it keeps on thinking something or the other, which is also necessary. But thinking too much or just keeping on thinking can be the cause of mental stress.

The way a horse runs is normal, but it is not normal to just keep running blindly. Similarly, when we are resting or preparing to sleep at night, then our mind needs peace. But this does not happen with many people.

Every person wants that his life should be stress free and for this he makes many efforts. But this does not happen and it affects your sleep. Due to lack of sleep, many other problems also arise. But have you ever wondered why your mind does not remain calm. What is the reason and solution for this. Know about it in detail.

Why the mind remains restless, know the astrological reason

Stress is a state of mind, which is dependent on diet, thoughts, behavior and culture. The causes of stress may differ in different situations. For example, someone is worried about financial crisis, someone is worried about business, and someone is worried about health. According to astrology, stress is related to the planet Moon. When the Moon is alone in the horoscope, it causes health problems and the person’s mind remains disturbed due to this. In astrology, mantras have been considered effective for relieving stress. Mantras have the power to remove negative energies and planetary defects. By chanting these mantras before sleeping at night, tension, thoughts, fear etc. go away and one gets good sleep.

  • ‘Har Har Mukunde’ Chanting this mantra before sleeping at night to get rid of enemy obstacles keeps the mind calm and removes mental tension.
  • ‘ Achyuta Keshavam Vishnu Hari Soma Janardanam. Hasan Narayanam Krishnam jaapate du duswaprashantaye’ Chanting of this mantra removes mental and physical pain. Sleep every night by chanting this mantra before sleeping. This will give you a restful sleep.
  • ‘Oom Sa Ta Na Ma’ If you do not sleep due to stress or if you wake up startled at night, then read this mantra before going to sleep. This mantra gives relief to the nerves of the brain.
  • ‘Om Bhurbhuva: Self: Tatsaviturvarenya Bhargo Devasya Dhimahi Dhiyo Yo Na: Prachodayat’ The problem of trouble sleeping due to the effect of bad dreams goes away by chanting Gayatri Mantra. That’s why chant it after washing hands and feet before sleeping.
  • ‘Ang Sang Waheguru’ Reciting this mantra before sleeping ends fear and gives mental peace.
  • ‘Achyutanant Govind’s name is disguised. Nashyanti Sakla: Roga: Satyam Satyam Vadamyaham. By chanting this mantra, the problem of insomnia goes away and one gets restful sleep at night and health also remains better.

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