When Pankaj Udhas lost his heart on ‘Padosan’, crossed the wall of religion and completed love

When Pankaj Udhas lost his heart on ‘Padosan’, crossed the wall of religion and completed love

Pankaj Udhas Unknown Facts: He has no match in talking about the matters of the heart slowly, so he has no answer even in telling the color of the beloved like silver. Certainly it is none other than Ghazal Samrat Pankaj Udhas, who was born on 17 May 1951 in Jetpur, Gujarat. As charming as Pankaj’s ghazals are, his love story is more beautiful than that. Actually, Pankaj had lost his heart at the hands of his neighbor and had also crossed the wall of religion to fulfill his love.

Pankaj was heartbroken at first sight

This is about the time when Pankaj was doing his graduation. During that time, his eyes fought with the air hostess Farida living in his neighborhood and he lost his heart at first sight. Actually, it was a neighbor who got Pankaj and Farida to meet. This series of meetings started increasing gradually and both kept coming closer to each other.

Such was the reaction of the family

After swearing to live and die with each other, Pankaj and Farida informed their family members about their love. Pankaj’s family was immediately ready for this relationship, but Farida’s family members were not at all ready. Actually, Farida belonged to the Parsi community and was not ready to marry outside her community. Farida’s father was a retired police officer, when he was persuaded, he agreed to meet Pankaj. He told Pankaj that if you feel that you will be happy together then go ahead and get married.

Pankaj’s career was like this

Please tell that Pankaj is the youngest of three brothers. Both his brothers Manhar Udhas and Nirmal Udhas belonged to the world of music, due to which Pankaj also turned towards music. He stepped into the world of Ghazal singing and launched his first album ‘Aahat’ in 1980. After the launch of the first album, he started getting singing offers from Bollywood and he gradually became a household name.

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