Why is there a dispute between Israel and Palestine on Flag Day in Jerusalem?

Why is there a dispute between Israel and Palestine on Flag Day in Jerusalem?

Jerusalem: Violence may flare up once again between Israel and Palestine regarding the Jerusalem flag march. Significantly, the tension between Israel and Palestine has increased in recent times. In such a situation, the possibility of increasing the ruckus increases further. Organizers of the Jerusalem flag march hope that this time there could be a record increase in the number of participants in the parade. In such a situation, it will not be easy to control the crowd in Muslim areas.

In fact, in the year 1967, Israel had introduced its military might to the world. Then this country had won the war with the Arab countries which lasted for six days. With this victory, East Jerusalem was captured by Israel. fanatic in memory of this victory

Israel had registered victory

Jews believe that with Israel’s victory, West Jerusalem and East Jerusalem were united. After the occupation of the Jewish holy place of Jerusalem, Israel considered the entire city as its capital. Along with this, the Palestinians had to be evicted on a large scale from here. According to the Hebrew calendar, the Jerusalem Flag March falls on the 28th day of the Ayyar calendar.

Violence has flared up many times

Like every time in the Jerusalem flag march, it is estimated that thousands of youths will participate in this time also, in such a situation the march can also be violent. Even before this, violence has been seen during the flag march. Let us tell that on the occasion of the Jerusalem Flag March, Israeli youth with flags in their hands sing nationalistic songs and pass through the Damascus Gate. This flag march passes through the old streets of Jerusalem and passes through the Western Wall.

Jews claim large part of Al-Aqsa Mosque

During the march, when the Israeli youth leave the Muslim areas, they shout slogans. Along with this, the Jews claim a large part of the Al-Aqsa Mosque. This is also the reason for the dispute between Muslims and Jews. There has been violence several times during this period. Significantly, the Western Wall is the wall of the Temple Mount, considered the most sacred of the Jews. Jews believe that this temple is the place of the sacred stone (Dome of Rock) from which the world began.

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