Home News National Hi-tech election war in Madhya Pradesh, BD Sharma and Congress wage war on Twitter

Hi-tech election war in Madhya Pradesh, BD Sharma and Congress wage war on Twitter

Hi-tech election war in Madhya Pradesh, BD Sharma and Congress wage war on Twitter

Madhya Pradesh Assembly Election 2023: The assembly elections in Madhya Pradesh are going to be completely high-tech later this year. It started six months back. A war of words has broken out between BJP and Congress leaders regarding the elections. Now this political clash has also come on the Twitter account of social media. Leaders of both the parties are accusing each other on Twitter.

Let us inform that Madhya Pradesh BJP President and Khajuraho MP Vishnudutt Sharma has been in tremendous headlines since last one week. Sharma’s political fight is taking place directly with Congress state president Kamal Nath. Sometimes Kamal Nath is taking Vishnudutt Sharma head-on and sometimes Sharma is accusing him and putting him in the dock. The anti-Sikh riots in the year 1984 have also entered this political battle between the two.

Twitter war of both the parties

Posting from its Twitter account, Madhya Pradesh Congress wrote about the tussle between ministers in Bundelkhand that BJP’s infighting came to the fore. Preparations are on to resign in protest against Singh. Shivraj has seen the result of making a corrupt, dishonest, ineffective, useless and hated Chintu the state president”.

‘You should see your face in the mirror’

Congress leader Piyush Babele tweeted about the state BJP president VD Sharma that “Sharma’s statements are shameful. PM Modi swings the President of China. Shivraj is invited by the Communist Party of China. Gujarat goes around China again and again. K CM Modi used to put it. Those who do the chamchagiri of China should see their face in the mirror before raising questions on Hanuman devotee Kamal Nath”.

BJP’s befitting reply to Congress

State BJP President Vishnudutt Sharma has also responded by tweeting on these allegations of Congress. He said that “Kamal Nath should answer the public that how did he become a billionaire by sucking the blood of the people of Chhindwara? How did he benefit China when he was a Union minister? Why are his hands red in the Sikh riots”.

‘Kamal Nath has started seeing the mirror’

At the same time, BJP leader Ashish Aggarwal wrote that “Piyush Babele’s trembling is telling that the mirror is visible to Kamal Nath. The 15-month commission period in which he was established as the commission Nath and the blood-stained hands in the preceding Sikh riots.” And yes, listen, to what level your party has done brokerage with China, the whole country knows”.

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