Home Entertainment Dating In 2024: Leave Past Relationships Behind With A ‘Clean Slate’ This Year

Dating In 2024: Leave Past Relationships Behind With A ‘Clean Slate’ This Year

Dating In 2024: Leave Past Relationships Behind With A ‘Clean Slate’ This Year

As we welcome the new, the turn of the year prompts reflections and resolutions, especially in the realm of relationships. A recent study by online dating app Bumble, introduces an intriguing trend called ‘Clean Slating,’ shedding light on the increasing desire among Indians to leave behind the baggage of past relationships and embark on a fresh journey of love in 2024.

According to the nationwide survey conducted by Bumble, an impressive 71% of Indians are gearing up to embrace the new year with a clean slate, free from the burdens and hang-ups of the past. This newfound mindset is not just about moving forward; it’s a conscious effort to find peace with past relationships, allowing for a fresh start, opening doors to new experiences, and fostering deeper connections.

Closures, as revealed by the study, play a pivotal role in this transformation. A significant 70% of Indians strongly believe that letting go of past relationships before the new year has a profound positive impact on emotional well-being. This act of closure provides individuals with the opportunity to process and come to terms with their emotions, paving the way for a more optimistic and fulfilling outlook.

The survey further highlights the overall optimism and excitement among single Indians, with 53% expressing their desire to find a partner in 2024. Samarpita Samaddar, India Communications Director at Bumble, shares, “Whether you’re looking for something casual, or want to go with the flow or you’re interested in finding a long-term relationship, now is the best time to set your dating intentions right. Reflecting on the year past and thinking through how you want to move forward in 2024 is a good way to start the new year! Think about who and how you want to date and be intentional about what you’re looking for in a partner in 2024 – this clarity can help you find newer and better dating experiences.”

To navigate this trend successfully, Relationship Expert at Bumble Ruchi Ruuh offers practical dating tips in 2024:

1. Reflect: Acknowledge the past, appreciate your journey, and show yourself love as you embrace the new year.

2. Redirect: Channel energy towards personal growth, pursue hobbies, set new goals, and invest time in things that bring joy.

3. Move on: Letting go of past relationships may be challenging, but it’s a necessary step for emotional healing and closure.

4. No ‘Revenge’: Forgive past experiences, learn from mistakes, and avoid harboring a revenge mindset for a healthier future.

5. Re-energize: Cultivate positivity by detaching from negativity, surround yourself with like-minded individuals, and engage in activities like making a daily gratitude list or spending time in nature for emotional release.


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