Home News Video St. Louis homeowners take legal action against squatters

St. Louis homeowners take legal action against squatters

St. Louis homeowners take legal action against squatters

Homeowners in St. Louis are taking legal action in the hope of forcing the city to act on squatters living in filth in front of their house for more than three years. 

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  1. If it's a nuisance and you have the power to take care of it why is it still there. They're not paying taxes. But the homeowner I'm sure is. And the homeowner is losing rhe battle?. I tell you what that wouldn't be in front of my house. Covering the sidewalks against the law. But they have the power when the Camella shows up.

  2. Since these 'refugees' want to live the same way they did back home, simply send them home. They obviously don't want to assimilate and they'll be happier in Sudan. Am sure everyone on that block will be delighted to see them long gone.

  3. So basically nobody cares that these people are homeless just that is that what from this man that smells like f**** mints out of my grandmother's pockets and cotton balls that's sad and I guarantee you he's one of the top politically correct people in… Wait we have a homeless services department I call audit audit audit not to mention that they slack all year long on doing anything that they say that they're going to do for people and then they just jump in there the last week and start kicking homeless people off of the streets after spending all year long kicking people from homes out of their homes does that make

  4. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Hi, my name is Mike. I am your new neighbor. Yup. I just bought this corner. Umm, do you mind if I use the toilet? 😂😂😂. WTF is going on….the Crime, the Homeless, the Illegal Immigrants, the Cartels!?! You are Telling me people Voted for Joe Biden for This? Stolen votes. We are screwed. Trump 2024 or it's Over. America is Gone as we Built it and Knew it. And All these Govt Tards are still paid and Richer than All of the People they Do Not Represent.


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