Madhya Pradesh: 50th Khajuraho Dance Festival kickstarts in Chhatarpur

Madhya Pradesh: 50th Khajuraho Dance Festival kickstarts in Chhatarpur

The 50th Khajuraho Dance Festival commenced in the Chhatarpur district of Madhya Pradesh on Wednesday. The Chief Minister of the state, Mohan Yadav inaugurated the festival in the presence of other dignitaries.

Dancers perform during a ‘Kathak Kumbh’ at the inauguration ceremony of the 50th Khajuraho Dance Festival, at Khajuraho, in Chhatarpur on Tuesday. Madhya Pradesh: 50th Khajuraho Dance Festival kickstarts in Chhatarpur (ANI Photo/Sanjeev Gupta)

Along with Chief Minister Mohan Yadav, State President BD Sharma and Tourism and Culture Department Tourism Minister Dharmendra Singh were also present on the occasion.

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The festival, which started in 1975, is organised every year in Khajuraho by the Culture Department through Ustad Alauddin’s Music and Art Academy, Bhopal in collaboration with Madhya Pradesh Patan Department and Archaeological Survey of India.

This festival will continue till February 25th on the huge Muktakashi stage inside the Western Temple Group Complex between the Kandariya Mahadev Temple of Chandel period and Devi Jagdamba Temple. Various classical dances will be seen during the festival.

The program started with the Odissi Shastri dance dedicated to Lord Shiva.

While talking to ANI, a participant, Bindra, expressed, “It is our good fortune that we got the opportunity to perform at the Khajuraho Festival. It is one of the most prestigious festivals in our country, India. We are feeling very pleased. The audience and organizers have praised our performance. We are very grateful for the chance to come to Madhya Pradesh and perform. Today, what we performed was dedicated to Lord Shiva. This experience cannot be compared to any other. I want to thank the government of Madhya Pradesh for hosting us here.”

During the Kathak Kumbh, Khajuraho entered the Guinness World Records. A staggering 1484 participants simultaneously presented their talent amidst the ancient temples of Khajuraho, surpassing the previous record of 1204 participants

An official from the Guinness World Records, Ani Tropo Bali, praised the synchronization and choreography, emphasizing the government of Madhya Pradesh as the new record holder.

An official from the Guinness World Records, Ani Tropo Bali, mentioned, “Today, I had the honour of judging the largest Khatak dance. Two key points I observed were that everyone followed the same choreography, some incorporating freestyle dance and the synchronization was remarkable. To break the record, participants needed to dance for more than 5 minutes. Today’s performance exceeded 60 minutes, involving a remarkable 1484 people. The previous record was 1204, so today, the government of Madhya Pradesh has become the new record holder.”

Chief Minister Dr Mohan Yadav announced significant developments for Khajuraho, including the establishment of an institute focused on dance and music. He highlighted the creation of a Gurukul in Khajuraho, enriching the ancient heritage of art, music, literature, and dance. Moreover, the Chief Minister shared plans for the announcement of Kalakendra, the formation of a municipality, and the opening of an Ayurvedic Medical College.

He further stated, “Today, in Khajuraho, a new record has been set in Khatak dance. A Guinness World Record has been established with the participation of more than 1400 dancers. This record stands as a symbol of our belief in the rich tradition of both classical and folk dance forms. It is a matter of pride for us. Khajuraho is already a significant tourism hub, and events like these contribute to making it a cultural center that understands our heritage. All the things for the development of Khajuraho will be done.”

Earlier, Madhya Pradesh Culture and Tourism Dharmendra Bhav Singh Lodhi said that the 50th Khajuraho Dance Festival will be historic and a Guinness World Record (GWR) would be created this time.

Ustad Alauddin Khan Sangeet Evam Kala Academi, with the support of the Directorate of Culture, Government of Madhya Pradesh, organises this famous Khajuraho Dance Festival every year at the internationally known tourist destination Khajuraho in Chhatarpur district. This dance festival is the most popular in the country and is a nationally and internationally acclaimed festival where all renowned dance artists perform, according to the official website.


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