Home News Video RUSSIA Bans All Gasoline Exports – Huge Production Problems & Massive Loss of Income for Russia

RUSSIA Bans All Gasoline Exports – Huge Production Problems & Massive Loss of Income for Russia

RUSSIA Bans All Gasoline Exports – Huge Production Problems & Massive Loss of Income for Russia

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RUSSIA has BANNED the Export of All Gasoline for the next 6 MONTHS. The official reason given is planned maintenance of the Oil Refineries and to ensure sufficient supplies for Russian Consumers and Agriculture however there are rising concerns that Russia is having PRODUCTION PROBLEMS. In this video I look into this issue in more detail, discuss the increase in the policing of the OIL PRICE CAP, review the fall in EXPORTS and REVENUE, look the issues facing Russian Refineries, analyse the demand from AGRICULTURE and provide more details on the problems that Russia is now facing.

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  1. The entire Avdiivka front has collapsed and is in Russian hands. As for stopping oil exports — it is to stabilise domestic prices. Meanwhile, this news report from 6 days ago may open your eyes to reality: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fhMIkneyWvg

    Keep slava Ukraining if it makes you feel good…truth is they are being annihilated and Russia's economy is growing while Germany and the UK are in recession.

  2. Joe Blog about how Biden want to ban all coal, oil and natural gas from the United States. Isn't that very important? Is this just a Russian Blog? Its always about Russia.

  3. As a farmer I need to disagree.
    I live in Austria so you can't compare it 100%.

    Example ploughing the fields. I would say that is the most fuel consuming action. Than comes harvesting. I am generalitzing, but I'd expect a lot of soil prep. till Nov and then starting in Feb-Mar again.

    Also this week my region started fertilization. Chemical fertilizers are made from natural gas. So it is reasonable to assume that russian farms bought fertilizers starting Nov.

    It is possible, that farmers started stockpiling because of closing refineries.

    If there was unexpected demand from farmers though, than that should be leveling out in about a month.

  4. This is not good to the world. The west is pushing the russian to push the red botton. That would be catastrophic! Stop the war now or the world meet its end! Stop sanctioning the world for your own benefit. The world needs everyone's cooperation to move forward, not monopoly of power and economy!

  5. The election in Russia means by banning oil exports it keeps the oil in Russia which brings down the cost due to lack of global exports which makes fuel for Russians cheaper which means they’re more likely to vote for him

  6. I think he just wants to save the remaining infrastructure for oil export.

    Hard to do business when the all seeing eye destroys your most profitable and strategically important pipeline.

    Havent warched the whole video yet*

  7. Think your missing a key point
    Political stability measures
    Refineries output a variety of refined oil products, but Russia only banned export of 1 of the outputs, gasoline
    And what is special about gasoline? Its what civilians buy regularly, and russia is struggling with inflation, and the government is not gonna be stable if there is public outrage over economic issues like inflation, so a gasoline export ban makes inflation seem low to the civilian population, makes the economy seem good, thus the government more popular

    Most the money is in oil export, so a gasoline export ban isnt super expensive, yet can make the public think the economy is fine, and the government is good

  8. Euuuuh…It appears that some Russian refineries have encountered a few Ukrainian drones with incendiary results. So some “planned” maintenance required. The Ukrainians are doing good for the refining sector: Russia is obliged to reduce the number of refineries in operation to maintain a positive overall operating margin. The actions of the Ukrainians therefore help the Russian refining sector to maintain its competitiveness.


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