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Renew your bike insurance in 3 simple steps

Input your Bike number and few basic details of your bike like Maufacturer, Model and Variant

Get comparative quotes from various insurers with upto 75% discount

Choose an insurer, fill up the required details and make the payment. Its done. Your policy will be in your inbox

Why should I insure my bike

Having a bike insurance protects you against major financial loss in the case of an accident involving your bike. Also, its mandatory for all vehicles plying on public roads to be insured.

A Comprehensive insurance policy would cover damages to any third party due to an accident involving your bike and also would cover damages to your bike upto the value insured (IDV). Though only a third party insurance policy is mandatory for a bike to run on public roads, it is recommended to always insure your bike with a comprehensive policy so that any financial burden can be reduced in case of any accident.

Third party or Liability only policy would cover damages to any third party due to an accident involving your vehicle.

Added advantages:

Get upto 60% discount on the own damage premium for your bike.

Enjoy hasslefree cashless claim settlement for your two wheeler from 1000+ garrages in case of any damage to your vehicle.

Recommended Add-ons:

Zero Depreciation Cover – In case of any partial claim for parts of your bike, this add-on would help you get full claim without any depreciation on the value of the replaced parts.

NCB Protection Cover – In normal cases, the No Claim Baonus of your two wheeler insurance would fall back to ZERO in case you make any claim in the current policy. Opting for the NCB protection add-on would help you retain the NCB of your two wheeler insurance policy even after you make a claim.

Return to Invoice cover – Return to invoice add-on helps you get full claim settlement without any deductions in case of total loss due to an accident or theft of your bike.

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