Leo Kalyan, who performed at Sonam Kapoor’s baby shower, reacts to hate comments | Hindi Movie News


After performing at actor Sonam Kapoor’s baby shower, British-Pakistsinger Leo Kalyan, who prefers the pronouns he/she/they, found themselves at the receiving end of trolling on social media.

A section of social media users criticised Leo for wearing a strappy dress at the bash. One social media user called out the haters to which Leo responded with a social media story.


“Hate comments don’t bother me at all. because firstly – some of them are so genuinely funny, I share them with my friends and we laugh endlessly (laughing emoticon) also, hate comments always remind me that just by casually living my life – I’m actually CHALLENGING people and societal norms. which means: I’m doing something right,” Leo wrote.

Leo also dropped a string of images from Sonam’s baby shower.

In the images, Leo is seen standing next to Sonam, who is expecting her first child with businessman Anand Ahuja.

“A spice girl in Bollywood. I just performed at Sonam Kapoor’s baby shower..what is life?” Leo captioned the post.

Leo sang Sonam’s hit song ‘Masakkali’ from her film ‘Delhi 6’ at the baby shower.



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