Madhya Pradesh’s head-smasher serial killer gives cellmates and jailors sleepless nights | Bhopal News


BHOPAL: MP’s head-smasher serial killer is giving sleepless nights to fellow prisoners at Sagar central jail. Cellmates – including hardened prisoners – were on the tenterhooks, terrified to fall asleep after knowing that the unassuming 19-year-old Shivprasad Dhurve bludgeoned at least five men to death in their sleep.
The jail authorities eventually had to take note of the fear among prisoners and shifted Dhurve to solitary confinement.”He killed sleeping security guards for nothing. We have more than 2,000 inmates in barracks. The way they sleep, a mishap cannot be ruled out. Therefore, we cannot keep him (Dhurve) in the barracks,” jail superintendent Rakesh Bhangre told GLOBAL PRABHAT, adding that they will watch him for a few days and then decide whether to shift him. The solitary cell inside Sagar jail is a room with an attached toilet. “There is no fan. We give him food. Plates are taken back from him immediately after he is done,” said the officer.
Dhurve alias Halku terrorised people in Sagar town for nearly a week, killing sleeping security guards one after the other. Dodging the citywide, nightlong police patrols, he slipped into Bhopal to continue killing. He was eventually arrested in the state capital but not before he had murdered his fifth victim – again a sleeping guard.
When Dhurve was remanded in Sagar jail on September 3, word spread rapidly among prisoners that the newcomer with the disarming smile ruthlessly smashes the skull of anyone who is found sleeping. His cellmates lost their sleep.
Prison officials also found it hard to sleep, struggling to convince prisoners that there was no threat from the head-smasher.
Finally, Dhurve had to be put in solitary to put prisoners and jail guards at ease, said sources.
Dhurve has reportedly been pleading with jail staff to shift him to the barracks, but other prisoners strongly opposed his request when it was discussed with them, sources said. “We don’t know if he is a psychopath. His instincts cannot be predicted. I don’t think he even regrets his murders. In any case, we would be treating him as per the prison manual. He wanted some religious books to read, which we have provided,” said an officer.
Jail officers say Dhurve’s case is entirely different from other murderers since he killed people without reason, unlike serial killers like Adesh Khamra (now in Bhopal jail) who murdered around 34 truck drivers with the intention of robbery.
Sagar jail staff say he has had no visitors. Madhya Pradesh police are looking to move a fast-track court in Sagar for a quick trial.
Judicial magistrate first-class Sonam Raghuvanshi had sent Dhurve to jail on a 14-day remand after his police remand ended. There are currently six cases against him, including four murders.
He will be brought to Bhopal on a production warrant on Thursday.
While confessing to the killing, Dhurve had told police that he “wanted to be famous”.
The teenager murdered three sleeping guards in a span of 72 hours. The final victim was bludgeoned to death on September 2 in Bhopal a couple of hours before police caught up with him at dawn.
As the Sagar police team was taking him back, he had smiled and said, “I killed another man tonight.”
On the way to court, he flashed the victory sign and smiled. He also said that he was inspired by ideas and mannerisms of KGF-2’s ‘Rocky Bhai’ and that policemen were to be his next target.



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