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NEW DELHI: Get ready to witness a nail-biting psychological thriller, Masoom which is about a complex father-daughter relationship.


Masoom produced by Dreamers & Doers Co., stars Boman Irani, Samara Tijori, Manjari Fadnis, Veer Rajwant Singh, Upasana Singh, and Manurishi Chaddha and others. 


Directed by Mihir Desai, Masoom is a tale of a young woman’s quest to uncover the dark pasts of her family. Packed with death, corruption, hidden identities and a journey of a lifetime that brings out the skeletons in the closet, Masoom is a watch that thrills and enchants with its poetic storytelling. As the Hotstar Specials series releases on June 17, here are all the reasons for you to watch it on Disney+ Hotstar.

 Adaptation of a critically acclaimed show 

Masoom is an Indian adaptation of the acclaimed Irish thriller, Blood. The critically acclaimed series was created by Sophie Petzal, starred Carolina Main and Adrian Dunbar in the lead and was set in the city of Dublin. The Indian adaptation is based in a suburban town, Falauli, in Punjab, promising a thrilling Indian story of strained family ties and their secrets to viewers.

 Boman Irani marks his digital debut 

Over the years, we have seen Boman Irani embrace roles of comedy and drama with a signature flair, but Masoom will see him in an all-new light where he plays an intense father with secrets to keep. This series marks the celebrated actor’s debut OTT drama. His incredible screen bond with Samara Tijori as his daughter will surely be remembered for years. 

 Dark alluring family ties of secrets and forbidden secrets 


Often family ties are garbed as bonds of love and strength that can face any challenge and threat. But for some, reality holds a different mirror where the family can also form bonds of abuse, trauma, secrets and lies. It is this distinct shade of a family that Masoom explores through the quest of a young woman’s journey to uncover secrets and reveal truths.

 Don’t miss the mesmerizing poetries 

Ace thriller maestro Mihir Desai and showrunner Gurmeet Singh always had a wish to make it a part of their projects. The beautiful poems written by Ginny Diwan will leave you mesmerized as an integral part of the gripping thriller, Masoom.

 Tune into the soulful music created by Anand Bhaskar Collectives 

Masoom features a soulful soundtrack composed by the famous Anand Bhaskar Collective. The collective is renowned for lending its tracks to several digital dramas. Their signature tunes powerfully add an audio texture to the show unlike any seen before. 

 Tune into Disney+ Hotstar to discover the story of the Kapoors as its youngest sets out on a quest to find the truth.



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