tara: Those trolling Tara Sutaria for a public appearance have no class | Hindi Movie News


Bollywood celebrities face so much hate on social media! Even when they step out to run a personal errand, they are constantly under scrutiny. This week, Tara Sutaria was on the receiving end when she was snapped by the paparazzi entering a commercial establishment. The actress seemed to be in a hurry and refrained from posing for the cameras. As soon as the video was shared online, trolls unleashed negativity on the actress, judging her walk, style and what not.

Take a look at some of these harsh comments and our response to them…


“Y all d actors following Malaika’s Duck walk… The moment dey know dey being captured in camera dey automatically start walking Duck walk…”


If you feel trolling two celebrities in one comment is an achievement, you’ve got the absolute worst kind of perspective. Moreover, labelling a celeb’s outing as ‘duck walk’ reeks of harassment. We suggest you put your Instagram account to better use than offending actors who strive hard to entertain the likes of you.

“Covering her face and showing everything else”


Being judgemental about her face mask and trolling Tara for her choice of clothes is actually despicable. She is adhering to Covid-19 rules, being a law abiding citizen and is taking precaution after the world has suffered a brutal setback. Don’t add to the misery of the world with your unwanted words.

“Ridiculous behavior”


The fact: Tara was in a hurry. The fiction: You are trying to judge her situation without knowing the facts. If you didn’t let your hatred overshadow your observation, you would have noticed that the actress did acknowledge the paps with a quick wave of her hands. Just because Tara chose not to pose, she’s ridiculous? Ridiculous is to be judgmental without even understanding the situation.



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