Watch: Speeding car hits group of students brawling outside Ghaziabad college for ‘supremacy’ | India News


New Delhi: A video of two groups of students from a college in Ghaziabad’s Masuri area fighting outside the campus has gone viral. The viral video shows student groups brawling on National Highway 9 outside the engineering college. A car also struck two young men, knocking one off his feet, yet the fight continued.


Six students were allegedly hurt, while six more were held by UP Police for investigation. The conflict between the two groups was supposed to be about establishing supremacy in college. 

The students were seen running after a speeding car approached them and hit a student. But it did not deter the fight as the student stood up and continued the fight. The student who was hit by the car was seen smacked by the other as he stood up off the ground. The car quickly fled the site. The students dispersed after spotting a police officer on the site.

“A car hit several of the college students who were fighting in the Masuri police station area. Following a preliminary inquiry, some of the students were arrested. They are being interrogated,” police told media.

The automobile shown in the viral video has also been impounded, the police said, adding that anybody found culpable would face harsh punishment.



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